When is Diwali 2018 Date, Wiki, History, Celebration- Diwali 2018 India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia

Sunday, 9 September 2018

When is Diwali 2018 Date, Wiki, History, Celebration- Diwali 2018 India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia

When is Diwali 2018 Date, Wiki, History, Celebration – Diwali 2018 in India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia: If you want to know about Diwali 2018 date in India, USA, UK all over the country for celebrating this epic and historical celebration 

then you can checkout Diwali 2018 date which is also known as Deepavali with exact date all over the country from this website article.

Diwali 2018 Dates with Country Wise around the Worlds Country – India, USA, Uk, Canada, Australia

Here we provide you Diwali 2018 celebration with country wise like date, rituals, timing etc because we know that Diwali is a grand Hindu festival which is celebrated by the peoples around the worlds and every country celebrate this celebration with exact date matching with their calendar so that is the main reason here we are bringing you all date for celebrating this Diwali – Deepavali in 2018, 

so friends get ready to celebrate this epic celebration with your friends, relative, family member and love ones in best possible way.

When is Diwali 2018 Date

When is Diwali 2018 Date in India – Deepavali 2018 in India 

 Diwali 2018 Date in India - 7th of November 2018

When is Diwali 2018 Date in USA – Deepavali 2018 in USA

Diwali 2018 Date in USA - 7th of November 2018

When is Diwali 2018 Date in UK – Deepavali 2018 in UK

Diwali 2018 Date in UK - 7th of November 2018

When is Diwali 2018 Date in Canada – Deepavali 2018 in Canada

Diwali 2018 Date in Canada - 7th of November 2018

When is Diwali 2018 Date in Australia – Deepavali 2018 in Australia

Diwali 2018 in Australia - 7th of November 2018

Diwali 2018 Wiki and History

Diwali which is otherwise called Deepawali is the most celebrated celebration of the year. Diwali is the five days party period which starts on Dhanteras and closures on Bhaiya Dooj. 

Be that as it may, in Maharashtra Diwali celebrations start one day prior on Govatsa Dwadashi while in Gujarat Diwali merriments start two days prior on Agyaras and comes full circle on Labh Panchami. During these five days of Diwali celebration, 

Many rituals are followed by the peoples for celebrating this epic Hindu celebration and also they worship Goddess Lakshmi for being better and secure life that is also known as Diwali Puja.

Diwali – Deepavali History, Short and Brief Description

Diwali, otherwise called the Festival of Lights, more often than not falls in either October or November as its date depends on the Hindu lunar timetable. Diyas are lit to ward off evil and to usher in goodness with light. Followers of each religion go to their respective place of worship to pray and light the diyas on this holy night.

We all know about the story of Lord Shree Rama, when they come into their home after getting great victory on Rawan and 14 years exile with his wife Sita’s in north India and at the same night peoples are very happy at that time and they used Diyas as welcome to Lord Rama, from that time peoples start celebrating this epic moment of Lord Rama as Diwali 

Which is also known as Deepavali.
In Hindu custom it is common to leave a few lights on in the home all night to ward off evil and to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi, goddess of wealth, to come to bless the home.

Happy Diwali Celebration Ideas, Concept, Epic Moment

Diwali is celebrated by all peoples over the country by doing Lakshmi and Lord Rama Puja in their home and also in their office or all peoples start wearing all new clothes,

All peoples mainly going in to the main market for shopping purpose and on the night of Diwali they decorate their home with light and also they burn Diyas around their home as welcoming Shree Lord Rama and also they want to live in their home with happiness far from evil.

When in Diwali 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 –2026 Upcoming Diwali Dates by Years

  • Diwali 2016 Date – Sunday-October 30
  • Diwali 2017 Date – Thursday - October 19 
  • Diwali 2018 Date – Wednesday - November 7 
  • Diwali 2019 Date – Sunday - October 27 
  • Diwali 2020 Date – Saturday - November 14
  • Diwali 2021 Date - Thursday, November 4
  • Diwali 2022 Date - Monday, October 24
  • Diwali 2023 Date - Sunday, October 12
  • Diwali 2024 Date - Friday, November 1
  • Diwali 2025 Date - Tuesday, October 21
  • Diwali 2026 Date - Sunday, November 8

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