Happy Kiss Day 2017 Wishes And Shayari

Happy Kiss Day 2017 Messages: Kiss Day, is the 6th day of the Valentine Week and this happy kiss day wishes  seems to be quite popular among couples and we can say that they grab the golden opportunity to express their love towards their partners with some Happy Kiss Day 2017 Messages. Kiss day 2017 is one of the most sweetest day which is passed on to a particular person who holds a great significance in their sweetest life. Kiss symbolizes trust, loyalty, affection and much more. Love can be expressed in many ways and one of the best form is Kissing shayari for him or her.

You can send these kiss day 2017 best messages to your love or say directly on your date. These awesome kissing lines are capable enough to make your kiss day much memorable ever than before. And also save and share Romantic Kiss day Messages and SMS to your loved once.

Kiss Day SMS For Couple.

Ék lâdkî né choté bâché k gââl pé kîss kî.Gîrl: oh sorry tumâré gââl pé lîpstîck lâg gyî. Bâby kuch âchchâ kârné sé âgâr dââg lâgté hé to dââg âchché hâîn.
Happy Kiss Day ..!!

Îshq ké sâhâré jîyâ nâhî kârté, Gum ké pîyâlon ko pîyâ nâhî kârté, Kuch îssé dost hâîn hâmâré, Jînko pâréshân nâ kâro, Toh wo hâmâîn yââd kîâ nâhî kârté..
Happy Kiss Day ..!!

Honthoon Sé téré honthoon ko Géélâ kâr doon
Téré Honthoon ko mâîn âur bhî râséélâ Kâr Du
Tu Îs Qâdâr Pyâr Kâré k Pyâr kî Întéhâ Ho Jâé
Téré Honthoon ko Choos Kâr Tujhko âur Bhî Joshîlâ kâr Du
Happy Kiss Day ..!!

Kissing you baby is my dream. I am strawberry & you are the cream. Handle me gently keep me real keen.You & I together babes is passion so extreme.

If kissing was just 2 people touching lips, it wouldn’t touch our hearts and bind our souls the way it does.
Kiss day 1

There are three kinds of kissing,
Kissing on cheeks,
Kissing on lips,
Deep kissing,
So which you prefer to KISS me, honey?
Happy Kiss Day love.

Love can be expressed in many ways. One way I know is to send it across the distance to the person who is reading this. Happy Kiss Day.

*** What Kisses Mean!
Kiss On Hand=I Adore You, 
Kiss On Cheek=Lets Be Friends, 
Kiss On Neck=I Want You, 
Kiss On Lips=I Love You, 
Kiss Anywhere Else=Lets Not Get Carried Away!

*** Kiss : It's Not Nokia...Connecting People
Kiss : It's Not Nike..Just Do It.
Kiss : It's Not Pepsi..Yeh Dil Maange More
But Kiss Is Like Pan Parag..Ek Se Mera Kya Hoga!!

Kiss day 2

*** Whats Live ? Live Is Love. 
Whats Love ? Love Is Kissing. 
Whats Kissing ? Come Here And I Show You.

*** You Are Sweet Than Honey.
Pure Than Milk.
Soft Than Flower.
Since I Have You As My Lover,
Come To Me Near,
I”ll Kiss Your Lips Without Fear.
U”ll Say, Having You Is Treasure & Be With Me For Ever.

*** A Sweet & Loving Person Like U
Needs No Message….
Just A
;;”_ _”;;
;( * ):
_>_.<_ Muahh! --- .,¤, ¤,, (‘v’) < ' ) (( )) (( )) >-*-*—-**–

Kiss day 3

Na aap kuch kehna na hum kuch kahenge,
Aap bhi chup rehna hum b chup rahenge,
Ek duze ko hum apni baahon mein bharenge,
Phir ek lambi wali mast si KISS karenge.

A kiss is something 
you can't give without taking 
what's more, can't take without giving.
Happy Kiss Day

Affection is warmth. 
You are sweet. 
At the point when two Lips meet. 
Affection is complete.
Happy Kiss Day

Love is nothing without you
Love is an emotion and kiss is divine
I want to be there beyond my limit
Happy Kiss Day

I'm with you perusing this , 
Taking a gander at your eyes and your lips, 
Touching your lips delicately with my fingertips. 
Having intercourse to you in each kiss.
Happy Kiss Day

A Kiss can never be a kiss; 
Until it's imparted to an excellent miss; 
Hued with a shinning red lipper; 
Furthermore, planted on tempting pouched lips!
Happy Kiss Day

Mujhe Is Baat Ka Gam Nahin Ka
Badal Gaya Zamaana, 
Meree Zindagee To Sirph Tum Ho, 
Kahee Tum Na Badal Jaana….
Happy Kiss Day

Zamaane Ka Ye Dastoor Kaisa
Pyaar Ko Paana Ye Kasoor Kaisa, 
Agar Mohabbat Gunaah Hai Zamaane Mein, 
To Phir Insaano Ko Mohabat Seekhane Vaala Vo Khud Bekasoor Kaisa??
Happy Kiss Day

Khwab Palkon Pai Maiin Sajau Lait, 
Tujhai Saiainai Sai Maiin Lag Lait, 
Apnai Dil Maiin Tujhai Basa Lait, 
Mairi Kismat Badal Gayi Hoti, 
Kash Tu Mujh Ko Mil Gayi Hoti….
Happy Kiss Day

A kiss is a secret which takes the lips for the ear.
Happy Kiss Day

Aap Ki Ek Miss Chall Ek Din Ki Khushi…
Aap Ka Ek Sms Ek Waiek Ki Khushi….
Aap Ki Ek Chall Ek Month Ki Khushi…
Aap Ki Ek Mulaqaat Ek Yaiar Ki Khushi….
Aur Aap Ka Pyaar….
Umair Bhar Ki Khushii…..
Happy Kiss Day

Kiss day 4

Hai Mausam Pyaar Ka Thoda Pyaar To Kar Lo
Karate Ho Mohabbat Agar To Baahon Mein To Bhar Lo
Chalo Mere Sang Sapano Kee Duniya Mein Ghoom Lo
Roz Ham Chooma Karate Hain Aaj Tum Hame Choom Lo
Happy Kiss Day

Chaand Par Kaalee Ghata Chhaatee To Hogee, 
Sitaaron Ko Muskaraahat Aatee To Hogee, 
Tum Laakh Chhipao Duniya Se Magar, 
akele Mein Tumhe Hamaaree Yaad Aatee Toh Hogee…
Happy Kiss Day

Apanee Takaleeph Mein Mujhe Ummeed Samajhana
Koee Gam Aaye To Apane Nazadeek Samajhana
De Saku Hansee Un Aansoo Ke Badale To
Hazaaro Ke Beech Mujhe Sabase Kareeb Samajhana
Happy Kiss Day

Jab Aatee Hai Yaad Tumhaaree
To Karake Aankhen Band Tumhe Mis Kar Lete Hain
Mulaakaat To Roz Ho Nahee Paatee
Isalie Khayaalo Mein Kiss Kar Lete Hain.....
Happy Kiss Day

Dil Aab Baas Tuj He Hi Chahtaa H…
Teri Yaadon Main Ye Kho Jata H….
Laag Gai H Issme Ishqe Ki Aaag Aesi
Ke Tuj Hai Chum Ne Ko Je Chahtaa H…..
Happy Kiss Day

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