Amazing ways to Impress your Girlfriend on this Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching and one of the hardest task for every guy is how to make it perfect for your girlfriend! If it’s an important day for your partner, then it ought to be important to you as well. And since most guys hesitate to plan something for this particular day, we wanna give some great ideas to impress your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day.

Take the day off this Valentine’s Day, or if you can’t do that, try to get off work as soon as you possibly can and make up for the lost time by using these tips.
Focus on creating special moments all through the day, and she’ll feel pampered and loved.
Create a checklist of things you need like roses, gifts and table reservations and make sure you’ve completed them all down to the tee beforehand.

And just follow these tips on planning a perfect Valentine’s Day and use them to fill your entire day with happy loving moments for your special girl. 

+Do something your wife or girlfriend would swear you would never do. (Something good.)

If your wife is the one who always does all the planning and packing for trips, then plan and IMPLEMENT a weekend getaway in which she has to do exactly nothing. Pack, remember the champagne, be sure you get a room with a private hot tub, etc. If you never make a fuss over your girlfriend on Valentine's Day, then make a fuss: wake her up with breakfast in bed and a single rose in a bud vase, etc.

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+Write your heart out

Take a sheet and write your heart out about how you feel about her. Ask for help in editing, but not composing, if needed. Work on it. Improve it. If you feel so oblique, make it into a poem. If you feel so oblique, put it into music. Now, to make it an adorable gift, write it up on an expensive handmade card.
Any women will love a guy who is creative and will appreciate your effort in making her feel happy and special.

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+You're my treasure.

Everyone loves a treasure hunt. Hide a series of love notes for your Valentine. Each one should contain a clue on where to find the next. Will the last one lead to a box of fancy chocolates or a scented bubble bath? You decide!

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+Breakfast in bed.

Breakfast in bed is a luxury that most of us hardly ever experience. Start your day by sneaking out of bed before your wife wakes up and cook up something simple, and yet perfect for a happy start. Don’t forget to clean the kitchen back up after you’re done cooking so you don’t ruin her day with a messy house.
Place her breakfast by her side of the bed and wake her up gently with a few soft kisses and a posse of fresh roses.

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+Cook dinner or Lunch for her:

The less comfortable you are in the kitchen, the more significant this gesture will seem. The one time I cooked dinner for my wife, she was very impressed! And bless her heart, to this day, she swears it tasted good despite the fact that I know my Alfredo sauce tasted like schoolhouse paste.

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+Reasons why I love you

Buy a colored paper hearts or make it yourself, write on each one of them a reason why you love your partner or why she is so special to you. It’s ok to get carried, write as many beautiful words as you can and then, decorate your apartment with these hearts, or in case you don’t live together, decorate her place with these, but, remember, you should do it while she’s not around; when she discovers this beautiful surprise and reads your love messages one by one, she will be very touched and very happy!
You can make this surprise even more fun, if you hide all of your ‘heart messages’ and love notes in different places at home; on each one of them you can write a hint on where you hided the next one. At the end of the game, when your partner discovers the last heart, she will also find a present and flowers. We promise, your lady will be on the moon of happiness and you both will have lovely time and great giggle.

+Recreate Your First Date

If you can remember, in the beginning you were most likely more romantic than you are now. So, it is absolutely essential to get that feeling going again. Try to reconnect with your loved one in a way similar to when you two first met. Was there a special place, expression, saying associated with that day or anything else you can recall? Sometimes surprising her with the setting of your first date will get strong sparks to fly again.

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+Send her flowers at work:

My wife tells me the primary attraction is the reaction all her female co-workers have. “Oh girl, your man cares enough to send you flowers? My man never sends me anything!” Whatever the attraction, this works.

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