[50+ Latest]Collection of Propose Day Wishes, Messages and Greetings Husband/Wife

Happy Propose Day SMS for him and her: Hi!  Are you searching for the Happy Propose Day SMS for him and her?  Then your search for Propose Day Messages & SMS that will touch the heart of your partner will be over here; you will find the sweetest Propose Day Quotes. We Valentine day 2017 have made and published an excellent list of Top 20+ Happy Propose Day Messages & SMS especially for you and your loved ones.
8Th February Wednesday is the day when the proposed day comes in 2017. Propose Day is really a special day for the lovers or soon to be lovers. If you like/love her/him then you must let them know what you actually feel about him/she else how is she/he going to know how you feel about themselves. There are some possibilities that the same person feels that for you too. So, this is the day when you should show bravery and propose her/him with our sweet, loving and charming Propose day SMS.

Latest Propose Day SMS for Husband/Wife

On This Special Day I Want
To Say Grow Old Along With
Me, The Best Is Yet To
Come, Will You Spend The
Rest Of Your Life With Me?
Happy Propose Day Sweetheart!

You Are The Happiness Of My
Life, You Are The Smile Of
My Lips, I Am Alive To See
You Anytime, Your Cute Smile
Give Me Power Please Dont Ever
Leave Me Happy Propose Day.

Your Eyes Are Like The Blue Ocean, Your Lips Are Like The Sweetest Part Of Nature. I Want To Be With You All The Time. Happy Propose Day My Love.

Love is like a cloud. love is like a dream. love isone word and everything in between love is a fairytale come true. because I found love when I found you.
Happy Propose Day

Propose day 1

The sweetest way to propose: 
“Excuse me, do you have a band aid, 
because i scrapped my knee 
when i fell in love with you.” 
Will you be mine.
Happy Propose Day.

I’m In a Imbalance State of Mind
What to Give You Because There
Is Nothing More Beautiful &
Sweeter than You. Wish You
A Happy Propose Day My Love.

As days go by, my feelings get stronger,
To be in your arms, I can’t wait any longer.
Look into my eyes & you’ll see that it’s true,
Day & Night my thought r for U..
“Happy Propose Day”

I have Spent Many Sleepless Nights,
In Your Love And i don’t want,
My Son to Do same 4 Your Daughter,
So lets make them Brother And Sister …
“Happy Propose Day baby”

Propose Day 2

Whats up Status for Propose Day.

I want to spend my whole life with cherish moments.

I love you more today than yesterday and I’ll love you more tomorrow than today.

I want to tell one thing in your Ear wishing you a very Happy New Year.

I never regret being with you. You will always special for me 🙂 I Love and Wish you a very Happy New Year 🙂

When I am with you I feel most beautiful girl in the world.

I want hubby like you every coming year.

I am still crazily in love with my husband and want him to be in my life forever.

This card carries my love and New Year greetings for a happy life.

I wish you a prosperous and a lovely new year filled with happiness.

I hope the New Year blossom up our relationship.

I wish the Happy New Year to my handsome husband of the world.

You, my dear, are an animal of the night, you are a vampire

‘Rather than getting hitched once more, will discover a lady I don’t care for and give her a house.’

Why did the banana go out with the prune? Since it couldn’t get a date.

Do you adore me since I am wonderful or I am I excellent in light of the fact that you cherish me?

‘My sweetheart and I separated. He needed to get hitched and I didn’t need him to.’

‘Ladies with pasts intrigue men… they trust history will rehash itself.’

What might you get a lady who goes out with You? Frantic!

What did the paper cut say to the magnet? I discover you exceptionally appealing.

Adore looked for is great, yet given unsought is better.

What do ranchers give their spouses on Valentine’s Day? Hoard and kisses!

Get hitched at a young hour in the morning. That way, on the off chance that it doesn’t work out, you haven’t squandered an entire day.

Propose Day 3

Valentine’s day advise me that I have to change something in my life, and that is my sweetheart.

‘I wedded the principal man I ever kissed. When I tell my kids that, they pretty much hurl.’

‘The poor wish to be rich, the rich wish to be happy, the single wish to be married, and the married wish to be dead.’

Sorry girls, I wont be giving heart this year. Instead I have another throbbing organ you might be interested in.

Happiness is an imaginary condition, formerly attributed by the living to the dead, now usually attributed by adults to children, and by children to adults.

If you are in love, and wish to send you own Valentine’s Day quotes, either use these or else modify them for your own true love.

What did the light bulb say to the switch? “You turn me on.”

This valentine’s day, I wont cry for u because my mascara is too expensive.
I’ll never ask you to change for me, because you are perfect just the way you are.

Propose Day 4


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